The Mitt Mender Baseball glove repair, Baseball glove conditioning and Baseball glove relacing.
The best place on the internet to find information on baseball glove repair, baseball glove reconditioning and baseball glove relacing. You can find all the information you need to restore an old or broken baseball glove into tip-top condition.
Complete Relacing
Fielders Gloves $45.00
Catcher Mitts/ 1st Base Mitts $55.00
Antique Gloves/Mitts - Must see to give an Estimate N/A
Individual Repairs
Fingers $15.00
Palm $15.00
Heel $15.00
Web $25.00
New Glove Liner
Antique Gloves $125.00 and up
All other Liners $85.00-125.00

Call (217) 971-8963 for New Glove Prices.

Mitt Mender does not Appraise gloves - Please don't ask.

** Please include $10.00 for return shipping on all repairs and new glove purchases.


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